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The "Mama" in Thicc Mama Thrifts is a tribute to our Mother Earth! Here are some ways we strive for sustainability: 

All packages are mailed in secondhand or recycled parcels. Any decoration/ freebies that may be added are either sourced secondhand or regifted.

When sourcing we visit a variety of different local locations with an abundance of supply. We avoid emergency/ necessity items (coats, shoes, undergarments, maternity items, etc.) and do our best to source mindfully and intentionally with a specific audience in mind. 

Instead of donating stale inventory back to big corporations like Goodwill (where 84% of donating clothes are thrown away) we donate to our local Domestic Violence Support shelter. 

Why Shop Secondhand?

Secondhand shopping benefits the environment by reducing the demand for fast fashion. Built on the backs of outsourced laborers, the fashion industry is the second largest industry in the world. These laborers are often women forced to work in dangerous conditions for 96 hours a week. They are paid well below a living wage- if they are being paid at all. Even if we don't see it, clothing is political. Your dollar is your vote. When you shop secondhand, you are voting against fast fashion's exploitation of their workers. 


 The fashion industry also is the second most water intensive industry in the world. Textile production uses around 93 billion cubic meters of water per YEAR. To grow enough cotton for ONE pair of jeans it is about 1,800 gallons of water- and that is excluding the dye process and machine washing (which is typically 40 gallons per cycle). Water consumption is not the only issue when manufacturing clothes- but water pollution as well. 

When you shop from Thicc Mama Thrifts you are decreasing the demand for fast fashion, using resources that have already been produced, and supporting a small woman-owned business! 

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